Fifth month

05 Aug 2017

The most important todo in the last month was the removal of the word “beta”. The page is now stable enough and has all the features I wanted in the 1.0 version. The recording works and SignDict is slowly getting more visitors.

One of the new features I added last month was the new video player. With it you can now reduce the playback speed to better understand the hand movements. Aside from all the development I talked to a lot of people to promote the site. The reaction was an article on and lots of tweets and facebook posts. For example by Leidmedien.

For anyone who wants to discuss SignDict or Sign Language I created a new community page that can be found under

It would be awesome if you helped me by sharing the site on Twitter and Facebook, too. I would be really happy about every tweet and post.

The last month was sadly the last one I could work full time on SignDict. From now on forward I will work on it in my spare time. I started a new Job on the 1st of august. But don’t worry. There are a lot of items on my todo list that I will work on in the next couple of months.