Seventh month

01 Oct 2017

This month we finally added new features to SignDict. Let’s start with the most important one. Thanks to Laurens it is now possible to add new signs using Firefox. You need to have the lastest Firefox Version 56 installed. Older versions have a bug in processing videodata. Please try it out and add a new word.

The second big feature are lists. Do you want to learn all german weekdays? Or all months? Now you can find them all in a nice list. If you have ideas for more lists, please post them in the forum. With over 4.000 signs I can’t do that work on my own. For the near future it is planned that everyone can create their own lists and share them with others. For example to have a list of new vocabulary learned in a sign language course.

Are you a software developer and able to write Javascript or Elixir? This month you can get a T-Shirt working on OpenSource during the Hacktoberfest. If you want to work on SignDict, feel free to browse through the tickets. If you have another great idea feel free to create a new ticket to start a discussion.

I am currently searching for CODAs (children of deaf adults) working in the Belrin tech scene. I would love to exchange experiences and get more connected. Please contact me. Thanks.