API and documentation

31 Mar 2018

As mentioned in the last update I did a small baby break. Now I am back with news about SignDict:


We now have an API. This means software developers can now query for videos and use them in their own little projects. To my knowledge this is a first. No other sign dictionary offers this. Thanks to Jan for his hard work on it. More details can be found in our wiki.

The documentation project

After we finished the basic functionality of SignDict, we will now focus on the next big topic: educate people about sign language. The aim is not to replace a language course, but to give a good overview about the language. Hopefully this will be a good starting point to learn sign language in the near future. At first we will focus on german sign language and the documentation will be in german, too. If this is successful, we can try to offer this in other languages.

You can now find a first version of it at docs.signdict.org. There is a lot to be done. Most importantly: adding more pages. If you are fluent in German and want to help me out, please contact me. I am searching for people with enough knowledge in german sign that are interested in creating the best introduction to the beautiful world of sign language.