First month

31 Mar 2017

The first month is over now. The data model is done, the user sign up and the admin pages coded and the server configured. Thanks to for donating the server ­čśś.

One other big todo is also done. Zweitag created a design and the logo for signdict. Working together with them was really enjoyable. Here is a little preview of the design:

screenshot of the new design

Besides the help by rrbone and zweitag I also got help coding a few things by Tobias and Jan. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of help I am getting from everyone ­čÄë. A big thank you for that from me!

The next step is to implement the design. I hope by the end of next month you will be able to see videos on the page. If everything works out as planned I will work on the video recording and uploading from May on.